Canonical Taiwan 徵才 - Hardware Certification Engineer [論壇 - Ubuntu 與公司企業/商業應用]

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Canonical Taiwan 徵才 - Hardware Certification Engineer
2012/6/21 16:35
等級: 1
HP : 0 / 5
MP : 1 / 145
EXP: 21
這個職缺主要要負責開發 checkbox(Ubuntu預設的硬體驗證程式) 協助OEM/ODM測試硬體 以及後端的硬體資料庫系統維護

Location: Taipei, Taiwan

Role Summary

Canonical is hiring a Hardware Certification Engineer to join the Hardware Certification team in Taipei (Taiwan). This is an excellent opportunity for someone who would like to enhance their skills in Linux hardware compatibility testing.

The Hardware Certification team develops the tools needed to certify hardware as working with Ubuntu:

We are looking for a self-motivated hardware certification or testing engineer with experience in Linux testing or Linux hardware certification to work as part of a distributed team. The role involves different tasks including the maintenance of our certification lab, developing new automated test cases or using our in-house developed tools to test the newest hardware arriving to our certification labs.

You'll love this job if...

You like programming and developing new tools, but you also love to be surrounded by cables, network switches and lots of hardware platforms running Ubuntu.
You love developing tools that transform a hard task into an easy one.
You want to be part of a team that is helping Ubuntu to work better in a wider range of hardware.

Key Responsibilities

Be an active member of the Certification team.
Conduct product testing, analyse results and raise bugs as appropriate. This will include both manual and automated testing.
Receive, install, catalogue and maintain hardware on the local lab facility.
Write test cases and test scripts to test the functionality and performance of all HW systems (netbooks, laptops, desktops, servers) to ensure they continue to be certified even after kernel and other module changes.
Update the test coverage in line with changes in the Ubuntu development roadmap and customer/stakeholder requirements.
Work with hardware partners, the certification team and the development teams to ensure that bug reports are triaged and assigned to the appropriate teams in a highly efficient and effective manner.
Participate in regular meetings involving international travel (10-20% of the time).

Required Skills and Experience

Scripting languages programming knowledge.
Experience with Linux hardware or equivalent.
Systems administration knowledge, including setting up network services.
Previous experience working with Ubuntu or other Linux based products.
Ability to be productive in a globally distributed team through self discipline and self motivation, delivering according to a schedule.
Strong English language communication skills, especially in on­line environments such as mailing lists and IRC.

Desired Skills and Experience

Background in Test methodology and Automation.
Experience with Python programming.
Experience working in a agile and/or SCRUM environment.

2012/6/21 16:45
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