Canonical 誠徵 Ubuntu Phone Software Engineer [論壇 - Ubuntu 與公司企業/商業應用]

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Canonical 誠徵 Ubuntu Phone Software Engineer
2006/12/3 2:12
等級: 4
HP : 0 / 89
MP : 11 / 4415
EXP: 59
Ubuntu Phone Software Engineer

Canonical's Phone Delivery team 的成員遍布美國、英國、台灣、韓國,本次為亞洲職缺。主要的工作是與手機製造商與電信業者合作,商業化 Ubuntu Phone 與 Ubuntu for Android 產品。

求職者需要熟悉底層的 Ubuntu plumbing layer, Android HAL 到高階的 Qt, QML, D-BUS, PolicyKit 等。這份工作有機會接觸各式不同的開放原碼程式語言與技術,相當有挑戰性。


* Canonical announces first partners to ship Ubuntu phones around the globe | Insights
* Canonical To Ship Ubuntu Smartphones From bq And Meizu Later This Year | TechCrunch

工作地點: Taipei 101

Role summary
* Canonical's Phone Delivery team works with handset OEMs and mobile network operators to commercialise Ubuntu Phone and Ubuntu for Android products.
* We are looking for a System Software Engineer to help ship these OEM projects. You are a strong generalist, experienced in multiple layers in the lower layers of both traditional Linux and Android, including code bases such as: the kernel, Upstart, D-Bus, binder, gconf/dconf, Android HAL, AOSP, etc.
* Strong communication skills are as important as technical skills in this role. You will work with customers and internal teams to provide customized solutions for OEMs. The main focus of this role is to ship carrier-certified Ubuntu phone products.
* International travel is occasionally required.

Key responsibilities and accountabilities
* Ship Ubuntu Phone OEM projects as part of a global, agile engineering team
* Work with customer engineers to debug all low-level operating system issues
* Provide technical support for Canonical sales team as needed

Required skills and experience
* Proven track record of shipping commercial mobile products
* Experience with Linux or Android hardware enablement on mobile devices, especially with SoC BSP integration
* Strong English language communication skills, especially in online environments such as mailing lists and IRC. An additional Asian language such as Chinese or Korean is also required.

Desirable skills and experience
* Understanding of Ubuntu plumbing layer, Android HAL, and other low-level Android components, including AOSP.
* ARM, embedded development experience, and Linux kernel knowledge.
* Familiarity with open source development tools such as git and bzr
* Demonstrated open source participation and contributions preferred
* Experience with Ubuntu and Debian packaging preferred, but not required

關於 Canonical 與其它職缺
* Canonical | Careers
* Canonical | The company behind Ubuntu

* 對於職務內容有疑問,歡迎先行來信 rex.tsai (at)
* 如有 github 帳號或 patch contribution, 請務必註明於履歷中。
* 徵才網站
* 求才期限 2014/04/01

2014/2/25 18:54
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