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2009/6/3 12:33
Ubuntu 新聞

5月20日,Intel的Moblin 2.0發行版(Beta)是個信號,新版本GNU/Linux即將揚帆啟航。而且,不久就要發佈的Linux 2.6.30內核,吸納了數千個新的硬件驅動程序(尤其是各種流媒體的驅動程序),現在,我們終於可以大聲地說,GNU/Linux操作系統業已登上一個歷史性的新台階。6月2日,在Computex開幕式的當天,Ubuntu奠基人Mark Shuttleworth本人宣佈即將推出Ubuntu Moblin Remix版本,從其顯示屏的截圖上,人們可以明顯看出,該版本給用戶的感受和體驗確實非同一般。


Mark Shuttleworth 寫到:「We are very excited about bringing a Moblin v2-based product to market in the near future. Intel's Atom processor along with the Linux Foundation bring fantastic energy and excitement to OEMs looking to deliver Linux-based experiences for users through Moblin. Adding it as an option alongside Ubuntu, and eventually sharing elements between the two, means even more rapid innovation on open platforms which will benefit developers, manufacturers and, most importantly, users.」 said Mark Shuttleworth, head of Canonical and founder of the Ubuntu project.


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