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2006/11/20 9:08
Ubuntu 相關工具

LXDE - Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment
這是一個針對 X11 環境設計,以輕巧快速為目標的新桌面環境,介面相當類似 Windows 98,並可以在等級較差的硬體上面運作

LXDE 桌面環境專案首頁:
官方下載現在有提供 for Debian 和 Ubuntu 的套件可以安裝

這裡有完整的 Step by Step 安裝設定指引:
照著這上面的步驟就可以裝好,打造出 LXDE 桌面環境

因為這個專案的使用者並不是只有台灣人,目前網頁和說明都是用英文撰寫 (寫英文文件實在好累 )

以下節錄官方首頁上的 FAQ,解釋了成立這個專案的目的:
Why yet another desktop environment? Aren't there already KDE, GNOME, XFCE, and a lot of well-made DEs? Why reinventing the wheels?
1. Though they are well-made and powerful, they are bloated, and eat up our RAMs.
2. Not everyone on this earth is rich. There must be a nice desktop environment for those who can't afford new fancy hardware, and we have the ability to help them.
3. They are too integrated, and reusing each part of them requires installing lots of dependencies.
4. If Windows 98 and xp work quite well on old machines, why my Linux desktop needs a 1.0 GHz CPU + 1GB RAM? We don't belief building such a usable desktop environment requires that much resource usage, so we try it ourselves.
5. Because reinventing the wheels is cool, and we love it! (Simply the best reason)

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