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2007/2/18 8:49
Ubuntu 相關工具

InnoTek 最近發佈一個在虛擬電腦業界而言很重要的版本:VirtualBox 1.3.4,該版本同時具有開放原碼和有專業諮詢的商業版本。

這個版本有著超過 800 項的演進,大多是透過 VirtualBox 使用者社群中的意見回報和留言等。

公司也宣佈同意 Ubuntu 將 VirtualBox 整合至 Ubuntu 即將推出的新版 7.04 (代號 Feisty Fawn),他們也宣稱將會製作對使用者更友善的界面,只需要三兩下,就能享受到專業級的虛擬電腦功能。

InnoTek 說他們將會展示在世界最大的 IT 展場:德國漢諾威的 CeBIT 2007,展期在 3 月 15 日到 27 日。在秀場中, Innotek 將會展示 VirtualBox 在 Linux、Windows 和 Mac OS 執行中的畫面,也會討論 VirtualBox 的開發以及提供技術支援。

VirtualBox 的強大功能包括:

  • 前所未有的模組化設計 - VirtualBox has an extremely modular design with well-defined internal programming interfaces and a clean design that separates client and server code. This makes it easy to control it from several interfaces at once: for example, you can start a VM simply by clicking on a button in the VirtualBox main program and then control that machine from the command line, or even remotely. Due to its modular architecture, VirtualBox can also expose its full functionality and configurability through a comprehensive software development kit (SDK).
  • 容易移植 - VirtualBox already runs on Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 as well as on all major Linux distributions from Red Hat, Novell and others. In addition, a version for use on embedded μkernel systems is available. Versions for 64-bit host operating systems and for Mac OS X will be available soon.
  • 虛擬電腦中解析度的自由控制 - In guest systems that support it (currently Windows guests), you can change the guest resolution simply by resizing the virtual machine window in the host system.
  • 多重快照 - VirtualBox can save successive snapshots of the state of the virtual machine. You can revert the virtual machine to the state of any of the snapshots.
  • VRDP 遙控 - You can run any virtual machine in a special VirtualBox program that acts as a server for the VirtualBox Remote Desktop Protocol (VRDP). With this unique feature, VirtualBox provides high-performance remote access to any virtual machine. A custom RDP server has been built directly into the virtualization layer and offers unprecedented performance and feature richness.
  • 可擴充的 RDP 登入驗證 - VirtualBox already supports Winlogon on Windows and PAM on Linux for RDP authentication. In addition, it includes an easy-to-use SDK which allows you to create arbitrary interfaces for other methods of authentication.
  • USB over RDP - Via RDP virtual channel support, VirtualBox also allows you to connect arbitrary USB devices locally to a virtual machine which is running remotely on a VirtualBox RDP server.
  • 共用目錄 - VirtualBox folder sharing lets you access files from the host system inside guests. Shared folders can be set up for all virtual machines, or for a single VM. Temporary shared folders may also be set up while a VM is running.

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