Ubuntu 6.06 LTS Beta 2 Release

日期 2006/4/28 8:54 | 新聞分類: Ubuntu 新聞

修正 Beta 1 的 Bug

Changes from 6.06 LTS Beta 1

* If the Desktop CD installer crashes, a signal handling issue in Beta
1 meant that it was possible for its subprocesses to run wild, which
was reported to damage partition tables in some cases (#40464). This
has been corrected.

* A number of crashes in the Desktop CD installer have been fixed,
including a keyboard selector crash when a country without a default
keyboard was chosen (#40658), a Kubuntu crash on entering a
non-ASCII name (#40666), a language selector crash when choosing
certain languages (#41132), and a Kubuntu crash in partitioning for
certain languages (#41621). If the installer still crashes, it will
now try to provide useful information that we can use to fix the
problem, so please use this release in preference to any earlier

* Atheros wireless network cards are now usable after installation

* Installation to ReiserFS filesystems should now work.


http://releases.ubuntu.com/6.06/ (Ubuntu)
http://releases.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/6.06/ (Kubuntu)
http://releases.ubuntu.com/edubuntu/6.06/ (Edubuntu)

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